Doggie Day Crèche

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Woolston, Southampton, Hampshire
Tel: 02380 391487, Mobile: 07769617009,
WebMaster: Dot

Personal Pet care on a Daily basis

Doggie Crèche
Home Boarding

Doggie Day Crèche

Have you always wanted to own a dog and couldn’t because you worked? Our Day care for dogs could be the answer.
Do you have an appointment (hospital or other) and do not know how long you will be?
Who will look after your dog?
We could look after your dog for half days or a full day.
Special occasion? Who will look after the dog?
We could help out.

Please call Dot for more information.

Licensed Dog Home Boarding

Local licence
No kennels
Home environment

If you are taking a holiday?
Going on a cruise?
Away for a weekend?
Going into hospital?

Why not leave your dog with us in our home.


We are based in Woolston, Southampton and are a small family business that loves and cares for dogs and cats.

Over the years I have owned cats and dogs. George and Tikka my two Golden Labradors have passed on to doggie heaven, they are missed by their doggie friends who are still having fun without them in the garden and the park. Candy and Fen have joined the family, they love swimming and playing ball.

We have FUN walking at different local places in Southampton and playing in the garden. Sometimes there is even time (not often) for a snooze (not me the dogs) if there is space in a basket, if not on a blanket or in the sun in the garden.

Each day is a new adventure, new smells, new places, new experiences. Sleep, eat, walk, run, play, snooze, chase cats and birds.

What is new today!!

A Dogs life!!

xmas G&T

“I thought this was my basket!!”

Tik Lulu

Red Dingo Pet ID tags

Need a new ID tag for your pet?
Click here to check out the different designs and colours
3 standard sizes:

Small, medium and large.


Dog Walking
By the hour

hansome boys

“Who ate all the treats??”

G T & Tig
Riley Tig

Doggie Crèche
Day Care

Personal care in a safe home environment
Socialise with other dogs
Walks in the park

Cat Sitting / Visits
to your home
½ hour visits

Dog Shower
Wash for your dog. Call for more

Willow & Lottie